"On the day the world ends A bee circles a clover, A fisherman mends a glimmering net. Happy porpoises jump in the sea,"
"The world is at least fifty percent terrible, and that’s a conservative estimate, though I keep this from my children."-Maggie Smith
"As they age, all things grow rigid and bright"—Robert Desnos, Dadaist
My Grandmother's Braid and the strands of grief in exile
Notes on sacraments and the time to come "When all the stress and all the toil is over"
If there are really, truly two types of people in the world—people who pay attention to politics and those who don't—which of these do you consider…
May 2021 be different. May our grief be given space.
"Although we might want to tell other people's stories, we always end up telling our own." -- Alejandro Zambra in Ways of Going Home
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